How to Reset the NodeGrid to Factory Default?

How to Reset the NodeGrid to Factory Default?

If you want to reset your NodeGrid to the factory default configuration, log in as admin to the NodeGrid WebUi, and go to System, ToolKit, and then click on Restore to Factory Default Settings:

And click on Restore button.

If using CLI, then follow the steps below:

  1. Access the NodeGrid via telnet, ssh, or console and log in as admin
  2. Type the following commands:

[admin@nodegrid /]# cd /system/toolkit/
[admin@nodegrid toolkit]# factory_settings
[admin@nodegrid {toolkit}]# restore
You are about to restore the configuration to factory default settings. The system will reboot after that.
Do you want to proceed? (yes, no)  : yes 


If you need to reset your NodeGrid to Factory Default due to some reason the NodeGrid got unresponsive or does not work properly, then follow the steps below:

  1. Have a terminal (Putty, SecureCRT) with 115200bps baud rate connected to the NodeGrid console port, or a monitor to the HDMI and a keyboard to USB port, if you have the NodeGrid Serial Console; or launch the Remote Console on the VM, if you have the NodeGrid Manager.
  2. Reboot the NodeGrid.
  3. Select Factory Default Settings at the bootloader menu:
  4. It should load the factory default configuration and present the login prompt.
  5. Log in as admin to the WebUI or CLI, and reconfigure the NodeGrid.

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